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Set out at the bottom of this page  is the normal regular pattern of service but please check out actual scheduled mid-week and other services, and other events in the Google Calendar below. The tab “Parish News and Events has more information on events.

 Any comments on the calendar, please email 

Normal schedule of Services

  Sunday Services

  8.00 a.m.    Holy Communion, a quiet traditional service (1662 BCP*)

 10.00 a.m.   Service:

          1st Sunday of the month: Family service 

          2nd Sunday of the month: Holy Communion (Common Worship*) 

          3rd Sunday of the month: Morning Worship (informal)

          4th Sunday of the month: Holy Communion (Common Worship*), with Children’s groups

          5th Sunday of the month: Morning Worship (informal)

Childrens Sunday School is on the 3rd and 4th Sundays.

Tots Praise: 9.30 - 10.00 a.m. 2nd Thursday of the Month

Mid-Week Services 

Tuesday, 10:30am:           Prayers for Healing

Second Tuesday of the month, 12:00 p.m.:  Holy Communion


*BCP: The Book of Common Prayer form of service 1662 
*CW: Common Worship, the new form of service introduced in 2000


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