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St.Nicholas’ Church


1120 – 2016

Growing Church

Dear Friends

Spring is a time of year when we like to see everything growing after a gloomy, wet and windy winter. It is wonderful to see the spring flowers bring some colour into our lives, and hopefully the feel of the sun on our backs on occasion as well. 

Growth isn’t something that you often associate with the church these days. Whenever you read about the church in the national media, the picture presented is one of permanent winter, with falling attendance. The assumption is that our churches are empty, save for the faithful, elderly few.

Well, that that isn’t the case at St. Nicholas’ Thames Ditton. In fact, quite the opposite is occurring. The church is growing! We have seen growth year on year of 15% in across our Sunday services for the last two years. If the economy grew at that rate, we would overtake China!

Naturally we are very happy about this state of affairs, as growing the church is something we have been praying about, and working towards. It is our vision for St. Nicholas that we grow in number, deepen our faith and serve our community, as you can see written on the new notice boards at the church entrance in Summer Road.

Come to a Sunday service and see for yourself. I hope that one of the services is in a style to suit you, and allow you worship God more easily. You may like the quiet reflective nature of our 8am Holy Communion service, which follows the Book of Common Prayer. Or you might prefer our informal, contemporary 9.30am service, with a puppet show, worship band, and freshly cooked pastries served after the service. Or perhaps you would feel at home at the 11.15am service, with its sung Eucharist, together with organ based hymns and choir.

Whichever service works best for you, come and see what is happening at St. Nicholas and be part of our growing church.

God Bless and Happy Christmas,



please also see the page Services and Calendar 

EVERY SUNDAY - services where everyone is welcome:  2018 schedule

8am Holy Communion

9.30am All Age Service (with St. Nick’s Kids on 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, and Communion on the 3rd Sunday of the month)

11.15am Traditional Choral Service with communion on first, third and fifth Sundays of the month.


During Holy Week (Monday 26 March to Thursday 29 March) local churches are collaborating to put on the 'Stations of the Cross' which are 14 prayer stations that reflect on different aspects of Jesus' last day as he journeys to the cross. All churches will be open during the day for visitors. People are encouraged to visit as many churches as possible. For more details see the website.


29 March - Maundy Thursday 6.30pm Passover supper in Church Hall.

Good Friday, 30 March

9.30am All Age Service

11am Churches Together in the Dittons Joint Service - Giggs Hill Green

2pm Meditation on the cross 

Easter Sunday, 1 April

8am BCP Holy Communion

8.45am Easter breakfast in the church hall

9:30am Joint Service (no 11.15am service)

And especially for children:

Children’s groups, 10am, 19 & 26 March, 12 April, 10 May.

Tots Praise at 9.30am on Thursdays, 8 March & 11 May - a lively service in church with songs, stories, prayers and fun for under 5s and their carers.

4 o’clock church - a fun Sunday service and tea for children and their carers on 18 March, 15 April and 20 May.

And especially for children:

Nick’s Kids, 9.30am, 17 Dec, then second and fourth Sundays of the month. 

Tots Praise at 9.30am on Thursdays, 14 Dec, 11 Jan and 8 Feb, - a lively service in church with songs, stories, prayers and fun for under fives and their carers. 

4 o’clock church - a fun Sunday service and tea for children and their carers on 10 Dec, 14 Jan, 11 Feb.

StNick’s Family

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